Designer? Vintage?...Neither

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Little fact about me? I NEVER lie.
Actually, I never even exaggerate the truth...I'm brutally honest.
So when I tell you I received more compliments in one day on this sweater, than any other article of clothing,  I'm NOT lying. 
 Some people assumed it was designer and others assumed it was vintage.
The funny thing is it's's $46.99 and it's spectacular (what show? anyone?)

I tried doing more, layering up a bit, but it just looked wrong.
This piece needs to stand alone.
A friend recently asked how one labels someone a trendsetter as opposed to a train wreck.
Although fashion is subjective, it's also about having an eye.
In my opinion, one bold statement is enough for one look, and this sweater is just that.

IMG_7017, fringe, fringe sweater, choies

IMG_7020, fringe, fringe sweater, choies, 7FAM, flares, flared jeans



IMG_7018, fringe, fringe sweater, flared jeans, 7FAM, choies

Sweater-c/o Choies . Jeans-7FAM 


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25 Responses to “Designer? Vintage?...Neither”

Carrie said...

Great look, great sweater! Love the last pic!!

Codagirl said...


Lauren said...

It's amazing-LOVE IT! You styled it perfectly, and your hair looks GORGEOUS!!

Anonymous said...

What a great sweater!

Tammy Hiveley said...

You are adorable! And I love the way you paired this fab sweater with bells because it just gives it the balance this crazy top needed. Perfect. xo Tammy

Catherine Summers said...

No wonder you received so many compliments, Sheri - that sweater is the bomb!! I would have guessed vintage :))

Perfect flared jeans too... they make any legs look long but yours just go on for eternity...!

Hope you're well hun, enjoy the rest of your week

Catherine, Not Dressed As Lamb x

Shauna C said...

OK, officially OBSESSED with this entire look, especially the jeans. Brilliantly styled - xo


Daniella said...

Not surprised at all that you received compliments with this sweater! It's like, super amazing! I love the knitted statement it makes and the price makes it even better. :)

Take care,
Daniella xox

Monika Faulkner said...

I'm a "sweater girl" through and through, dear Sheree...and I'm simply DYING over this one!! That amazing texture and pattern - even the colour! - are the epitome of edgy/chic/ deserve every compliment you get when you have it on!! XOXO

Brooke Allen said...

brutally honest indeed and that's what makes you the bomb dot com. this sweater though……straight perfection, especially with the jeans. get it sister
brooke @ tigers don't lose sleep

Idu Emeziem said...

That sweater is definitely a stand alone piece. Very unique. I love the flare jeans you paired it with. So not competing with the sweater, just works well with it. Very beautiful pics by the way. Have a fab. rest of the week.

Anchal Arora said...

Awesome. I have scarcity of words to express my feelings for this gorgeous look of it's Sheree with this mind boggling sweater over you.. in fact, I just love it..Awwww, I wish I cud get one..xoxo

Lauren Maria said...

Awesome jumoer, I saw a similar one on a vintage site but missed it! Gutted!

EvaC said...

Style is all about having an eye. It's not what is written on the label. The sweater is great!

carpetcleaning-belgravia said...

I like the jeans!

Helena Smith said...

What a great sweater! I saw a similar one at a garage sale but was too old! href="" rel="nofollow"> awsome

Von Salvado said...

I purchased a hat at It is so stylish!

Jake Holloway said...

This sweater is really out of this world!

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