The perfect 3rd piece

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

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I'm definitely not into your typical scarves.
I will, however, easily fall for an oversized scarf that you can wear as a layering piece.
I am also completely obsessed with this knit fringe is everyone else that comes into my shop. 
I mean, what a perfect 3rd piece to elevate your look.

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Paige Denim shirt-MOD . Hand-knit scarf-MOD . Jeans-7FAM


Designer & Vintage Mix

Sunday, March 22, 2015

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I was thinking a lot this morning about beauty and aging.
I've always admired those woman that grow old gracefully. The ones that don't stress about every little line that pops up.
But I gotta be honest, it is hard to accept at times. Especially when those lines start popping up earlier than expected. 
But the reality is we are all born with the looks we were given. 
We are not all supermodels and we will not all age wrinkle-free.
We also all don't have thousands to spend on miracle creams and procedures even if we wanted to.
We have no control over these things, they are part of who we are.
We can choose to either fight it or accept it.
What we do have control over is our personal style.
That is something we can own, and it's not something that needs to cost a lot either...not at all.
Our style is an extension of who we are.
I would much rather find that, and be comfortable about who I am in my own skin.




Vintage Leather & Fringe

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


When I found this fringe skirt I almost fell on the floor.
I mean, sure, you can go online and try to find one that you love. But running into one in a second hand shop, well, that's just plain insanity.
 I've looked online for fringe skirts and honestly, this one and my camel one, which is also a vintage find, are the best ones I've found. 
Speaking of Vintage, this leather Etienne Aigner jacket is AMAZING!!!!
The color is just killer and the logo!!!




Pop of Color for Spring

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Every season (minus summer) you need one great piece of outerwear.
This jacket is one of those pieces.
Great color, great detail. 
Gotta love a piece that you can throw on over anything and look chic!


Jacket-MOD . Dress-Choies . Boots-Vince Camuto

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Grau | Open Jacket

Monday, March 9, 2015


Grau is an uber cool LA based company. 
They specialize in pieces like this jacket.
Open & easy but still holding on to a bit of structure to not overwhelm you.
The shape on this is really incomparable. 
The color makes it the perfect piece to throw on for Spring.
Love, love, love it!!!!
Buy it here 





Grau Jacket-MOD . Jeans- Red Engine Flares @MOD . Heels-Tano (old)