The Find I Still Cant Believe I Found

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

10S22DCRM_large, flares, high waisted,

I still can't believe that I have my own store, that is just basically loaded with finds that I LOVE.
I mean what a dream right?
Ok, so it's not all my style. If I didn't shop for mass appeal as well, I would not be a good business person now would I?
Some things not ideal about my job?
When you go out handpicking everything, sometimes, the pickings are slim. You're not going to find great scores every week!
Aaaaand, trying hard not to keep everything, can be, well hard!
There are some pieces, ahem, these pants, that you just know you have to keep. 
I mean these are RIDICULOUS.
Super cool, on trend, AND my size...whaaaaaat!?
When you find a piece you cant part with you kinda just know. 



Pants-thrifted . Shirt-thrifted . Bag-LV


Fringe Jacket & Flares...How Predictable

Friday, April 17, 2015

11, fringe, fringe jacket, flares, flare jeans



Fringe jacket-c/o Choies . Jeans-Citizens of Humanity . Choker-BISJOUX

Have I fallen hard into the biggest trend that is the 70's? Ummm...well, yes I have. 
In my defense, I have always worn flares and the 70's have always been my favorite era for fashion.
Have I always loved fringe? Well, no, but with a piece this free and easy to wear, how could I not fall a little?


Fringe Shawl

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Since I do all the buying for my shop, and they are all one of a kind pieces, it's definitely a challenge at times, to let certain pieces go.
Today, before I could even post this shawl, it sold.
Of course I am happy it sold, but I have to admit, I'm a bit sad.
I mean how AMAZING is this?????
I think there may be something wrong with me...idiot!

IMG_0839, fringe, fringe shawl, fringe cape


IMG_0840, fringe cape, fringe, fringe cape

IMG_0867, fringe shawl, fringe, fringe cape
Fringe shawl-MOD  (sold out) . Dress-thrifted . Booties-Zara. 


The perfect 3rd piece

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

IMG_0691, denim, flares, canadian tuxedo, denim on denim,

I'm definitely not into your typical scarves.
I will, however, easily fall for an oversized scarf that you can wear as a layering piece.
I am also completely obsessed with this knit fringe is everyone else that comes into my shop. 
I mean, what a perfect 3rd piece to elevate your look.

IMG_0682, scarf, fringed scarf,


Paige Denim shirt-MOD . Hand-knit scarf-MOD . Jeans-7FAM


Designer & Vintage Mix

Sunday, March 22, 2015

IMG_0631, vintage clothing, marc jacobs, marc jacobs skirt, marc by marc jacobs skirt, military-inspired

I was thinking a lot this morning about beauty and aging.
I've always admired those woman that grow old gracefully. The ones that don't stress about every little line that pops up.
But I gotta be honest, it is hard to accept at times. Especially when those lines start popping up earlier than expected. 
But the reality is we are all born with the looks we were given. 
We are not all supermodels and we will not all age wrinkle-free.
We also all don't have thousands to spend on miracle creams and procedures even if we wanted to.
We have no control over these things, they are part of who we are.
We can choose to either fight it or accept it.
What we do have control over is our personal style.
That is something we can own, and it's not something that needs to cost a lot either...not at all.
Our style is an extension of who we are.
I would much rather find that, and be comfortable about who I am in my own skin.