Friday, October 31, 2014


If you've been reading my blog for a bit, you know sleeveless vests are one of my favorite articles of clothing.
Just like the button down dress, they are just so versatile, and we all love making the most out of our wardrobe right?
When I saw this knit one, the length sold me. I bought it a size up just because I knew I would  be wrapping and belting it quite a bit. 
I wore it as a dress with a shorts unitard underneath. 
Obviously this would look great with leather leggings as well.
You can also wear it open, layered with a shirt underneath, there are just so many options!
The fact that you can wear it so many ways makes it appropriate for all temps too.
I'm tellin' ya, it's a wardrobe staple for sure. 

IMG_7193, jones ny, jones ny sweater vest, vest, streetstyle, fall trends

IMG_7189, vince camuto, vince camuto karita, sweater vest, jones ny, jones ny sweater vest, streetstyle
Vest-Jones NY . Boots-Vince Camuto


Designer? Vintage?...Neither

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Little fact about me? I NEVER lie.
Actually, I never even exaggerate the truth...I'm brutally honest.
So when I tell you I received more compliments in one day on this sweater, than any other article of clothing,  I'm NOT lying. 
 Some people assumed it was designer and others assumed it was vintage.
The funny thing is it's's $46.99 and it's spectacular (what show? anyone?)

I tried doing more, layering up a bit, but it just looked wrong.
This piece needs to stand alone.
A friend recently asked how one labels someone a trendsetter as opposed to a train wreck.
Although fashion is subjective, it's also about having an eye.
In my opinion, one bold statement is enough for one look, and this sweater is just that.

IMG_7017, fringe, fringe sweater, choies

IMG_7020, fringe, fringe sweater, choies, 7FAM, flares, flared jeans



IMG_7018, fringe, fringe sweater, flared jeans, 7FAM, choies

Sweater-c/o Choies . Jeans-7FAM 


Teddy Bear Sweater

Sunday, October 26, 2014

IMG_6831, teddy bear sweater, sanctuary, sanctuary clothing, rag and bone skirt, revolve clothing, piperlime

I am obsessed with this Teddy Bear sweater from Sanctuary.
It's just so freakin' soft, and the fit is perfection. 
I love the longer raglan sleeves. I bought it one size up so that it would be extra long and cozy.
This is one I will definitely be wearing all winter long!

I was so psyched to have found a similar inexpensive skirt similar to this amazing Rag & Bone one...from Target! Also 2 almost exact shoe options as well.
Shop below!

IMG_6832, Rag and bone, rag and bone skirt, sanctuary sweater, sanctuary clothing

IMG_6834, matisse shoes, hallie sam edelman, matisse talon bootie
Sweater-Sanctuary . Skirt-Rag&Bone Similar . Shoes-Similar Sam Edelman or Matisse


Statement Skirt

Thursday, October 23, 2014

skirt, nathan jenden, fall fashion, streetstyle, fashion blog,

If you're like me, you have a lack of skirts in your wardrobe. 
I guess because I wear so much denim and layers, skirts just aren't usually part of my hunt. 
When I'm not shopping online, and I actually leave my house and walk into a store, well that's when I get myself in trouble. Seeing a piece this stunning, skirt or no skirt, the decision has already been made. 
And I love a skirt that makes this much of a statement that just the simplest of tops work. 


nathan jenden, vintage beacon,


nathan jenden, kurt geiger, fall fashion, streetstyle, skirt
Skirt-Nathan Jenden via Vintage Beacon . Top-F21 . Boots-Kurt Geiger


Reinvent your wardrobe

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Dress & Blazer-Vintage . Bag-Gap. Boots-Manolo Blahnik

Don't pack those summer dresses away just yet. One word...layer! Wear that dress you love just a bit longer but throwing on your knee high boots and a blazer or great outerwear piece. You can use your pieces in more ways than one. So go through your summer pieces, layer, and make the most of your wardrobe!