Monday, May 19, 2014


Being stylish is about enjoying your life and expressing yourself and your inner light
-Tori Amos


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9 Responses to “yesterday”

Live-Style20 said...

so nice@

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barefoot duchess said...

So pretty!! Can't wait to see all of it =)

Brooke Allen said...

beautiful, inside and out ;))))
brooke @ tigers don't lose sleep

Nicole Young said...

Gorgeous photo!I love the soft colours and textures going on here.

Jessica Jannenga said...

Love peach! And I just enjoy seeing the various white skirts, yours is so pretty.
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Cherie James said...

Love this look and this photo! And, love the fact that you did one photo because this photo is all you need!

Monika Faulkner said...

Such a great capture!!

Daniella said...

Beautiful shot, beautiful words! :)

Take care,
Daniella xox

Von Salvado said...

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