Some Serious Zippers

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


I don't know about you, but I have never seen zippers going all the way up the back of the leg before.
I could have screamed when I laid eyes on these Current Elliot jeans,
and screamed louder when I realized, they not only fit, but fit like a glove.
I know a lot of people have trouble finding the "perfect" jean,
 so imagine finding ones that are thrifted! A rarity indeed. 

Remember this Vintage x 3 post? Well this could be titled thrifted x 3, only because the jeans clearly are not vintage.
The jeans, blazer and faux fur are all consignment store finds, and they mesh perfectly with the higher end sweater, boots, and bag.
I love a good mix.
Because whether, designer, thrifted or vintage a great piece is a great piece. 




Blazer & faux fur-vintage via Simplicity . Jeans-Current Elliot via Vintage Beacon . Sweater-ICB . Boots-Kurt Geiger . Bag-Jess Rizzuti


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28 Responses to “Some Serious Zippers”

Happiness at Mid Life said...

Those jeans are HOT!! The fit you so perfectly and the zipper detail in the back is so unique.


Unknown said...

There. are. no. words. The jeans are INCREDIBLE!! I love a good zipper detail as it is...but this?! Yowza!! And your jacket, furry collar, and little cross-body bag are the perfect "side dishes!!"

Unknown said...

i love it!!

xoxo from rome

Rowan | R E D R E I D I N G H O O D said...

Oh la la láá! Those pants are superdope! Love those mega long zippers! <3




Daniella said...

Ooo these jeans my dear!!!! They are awesome and I am completely in love with your blazer, the print, the fit its perfect! Super chic look :)

Take care,
Daniella xox said...

Cool pants :)

The Fashion Stir Fry said...

Oh yeah, finding a perfect pair is a miracle and then one with this zipper detail, JACKPOT!! To top it all you slam dunked the whole look with that jacket. Perfection!

Unknown said...

seriously how do you find these things?!!!! those jeans are ridiculous!!!!! so hot and agreed a good piece is a good piece no matter where its from! and ughhhhh i would die to go to NY….maybe I can start saving now for the next nyfw in September!!!

Unknown said...

georgeus pants, love it

susan jakovina said...

LOVE!!!! Those jeans. Sigh. xo

barefoot duchess said...

Super kinky zippers! Hot hot hot!!

Chioma said...

gosh girlfriend, you are gorgeous!

C's Evolution of Style

Suzanne said...

The jeans are cool but for me this is all about the blazer.

Even better that is is vintage.


Unknown said...

I've never seen jeans like that! They look great on you! Cool plaid blazer too!

Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

I'm pretty sure you might be the best consignment/vintage shopper ever. Those jeans are AMAZING. Actually, the whole outfit is. You look awesome!

Trina said...

Those jeans are The.Best. although, not everyone could rock those jeans like you do. I'm with Suzanne, I'm seriously loving that blazer and what a great lesson on winter layering. I think the absolute best part of this entire ensemble is the effortless look and feel you gave it.
By the way, call me crazy but I just discovered your blog and so very excited that I have.

Cassie said...

Wow wow wow wow wow! Those jeans are KILLER! And I love the plaid/fur combo. Striking as always, Sheree :)

Unknown said...

Those jeans are so cool, love them

Rachel said...

Those jeans are seriously amazing. I've never seen jeans with zippers like that, either! What an awesome find!

Debbie Stinedurf said...

Good lord those jeans are cool! And that jacket...da-yum!!

sepatuholig-Grace Njio said...

that is a wow pants! love your look head to toe here!!!

Alyssa said...

those are some fun jeans! It's like gold when you find the perfect fit, isn't it?

Stopping by from

Diva In Me said...

This pair of jeans definitely looks cool and with you in it, it couldn't be better. Though, I'm wondering when the zipper touches your skin every time you walk, did it give you shudders? Or it could be just me as I've a pair of jeans that has zippers at the ankle area and every time when I'm in a colder room, it gave me shudders when the cold zipper touches my skin.

Chanel Purses said...

This purse came quickly and in great shape. Everything was just as they said it was and as it was pictured. I love it and have gotten many compliments. I am really satisfied and would order again.

Unknown said...

Wow those are serious zippers! I love the way that fur looks with the plaid jacket.

WendyB said...

LOVE! What a find.

Fashion-Bridge said...

Awesome denim and faux fur scarf! Love it!



Nikki said...

Those jeans are incredible!! They fit you like a glove. Love this whole outfit on you - the jacket, the purse, the boots. Everything is fantastic!
Nikki at

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