I started my fashion blog ItsNotThatDeep two years ago as an outlet for my
love of fashion.
Since then, I've received so much positive feedback and so many inquiries
about all my vintage/thrifted finds, that this online shop just made sense.
I recently opened a brick and mortar store in Cornwall, NY
I've found a lot of woman are sick of what the malls have to offer.
They want special pieces, but don't necessarily have the time to hunt for them
And that's where I come in.
Here's how it will work: I scour the second hand shops, (mainly in NYC, but wherever I may roam) snag fashion-forward, high-end,
on-trend pieces I find, and make them available to you here!
No basics, just fabulous statement pieces that will
never not be fabulous.
MOD is also now carrying a lot of great Denim like Blank NYC. Mod is also carrying Free People, Project Social T and more.
I did this because I wanted my store to carry denim and great basics in all sizes!!!
If there is ever something specific you're on the hunt for, email me; I'll keep
my eyes peeled when I'm out and about!
If you have styling questions, email me those, as well.
And to all of you who have been following my blog, thank you for all the love
and support. This is for you!  xoxo


30 Responses to “About”

Jennifer Spadaro said...

I've been reading your blog for a month or so and I finally started wondering where in the country u live. So I went to your about section and saw that u live in NY, which is crazy bc so do I. I live in orange county about 1 minute away from Woodbury commons outlet mall. I'm pretty sure u know where that is. Lol. Anyway just wanted to say hi and I really enjoy seeing what u wear everyday! And I then looked up blackbird bc I figure now I can shop there too!

Valerie said...

I loooove the pants you are wearing in this picture. Would you share where you got them from? :-)

Valerie said...

Thanks for your comment, Sheree! It is indeed an flourless chocolate cake, one that is traditinally from France.
Went to downtown Munich yesterday (braved the masses that are in town for the Oktoberfest) and entered the nearest H&M. They indeed carried the pants and while they did fit they looked kinda awkward on me. Maybe because I am not that tall (5''3')?

Erica B. said...

Just discovered your blog today. You dear are fabulous!

Erica B. said...

Just discovered your blog today. You dear are fabulous!

Amie said...

Hi Sheree,
Love your style!

whenjmetk.com said...

You are pretty awesome! I'm so glad I stumbled upon your site. I love your outlook on life and of course your sense of style! Let's keep in touch!

Kathleen of whenjmetk.com

Naz Saeed said...

Just discovered you yesterday and love your unique style.
keep posting those photos.

Jaela Lopez said...

Hi! Found your blog today and I love it, I was wondering if you'll like for us to follow each other, let me know.


Cherie James said...

Hi Sheree, My name is Cherie too! I recently started my own style blog , and I'm really enjoying it. I also felt I needed an outlet for all my style ideas, but haven't had the time raising four children. I've loved fashion since I can remember. I really enjoy your style - you have such a unique flair. It's unexpected, which I love. So glad to have found your blog.
Cherie at stylenudge.com

Keit said...

I found you on Chictopia and I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed browsing through your blog! You have a certain unique style that I have never seen before and I absolutely love it ^_^ I'm your new fan!

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