Serious Wide Legs

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

10S22DCRM_large, wide leg pants, lace top, wide legs

Finding these pants definitely made my weekend.
I am all about a serious wide-leg pant as of late.
They actually remind me of these from the winter. Now I have a pair for all seasons!
This amazing lace back top was another fab vintage find.
Best part of this uber chic look? It cost me about $20!!


Shirt & Pants-Thrifted


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11 Responses to “Serious Wide Legs”

Annette said...

I would never have considered serious wide leg pants, but you've made me a believer! They look great on you! xx Annette

LIVforstyle said...

Those pants are so trendy.


josep-maria badia said...

Wonderful look. I love the colors, and the blouse I think is cute. said...

Fabulous pants, and so unusual! You found some great thrift bargains there!

Emma xxx

Unknown said...

What an unique pants! I can't believe it in my eyes how you can style in a fashionable way like this. I love the whole outfit. You always make me suprised.

Best wishes from Khanh,

Amy said...

Oh, I love every bit of your outfit! :)

Katherine O’Brien said...

$20 for that great looks?!?! You are my fashion idol!

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