The Find I Still Cant Believe I Found

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

10S22DCRM_large, flares, high waisted,

I still can't believe that I have my own store, that is just basically loaded with finds that I LOVE.
I mean what a dream right?
Ok, so it's not all my style. If I didn't shop for mass appeal as well, I would not be a good business person now would I?
Some things not ideal about my job?
When you go out handpicking everything, sometimes, the pickings are slim. You're not going to find great scores every week!
Aaaaand, trying hard not to keep everything, can be, well hard!
There are some pieces, ahem, these pants, that you just know you have to keep. 
I mean these are RIDICULOUS.
Super cool, on trend, AND my size...whaaaaaat!?
When you find a piece you cant part with you kinda just know. 



Pants-thrifted . Shirt-thrifted . Bag-LV


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13 Responses to “The Find I Still Cant Believe I Found”

Daniella said...

These pants are freaking wild, love them! But also I'm going kinda crazy over your backpack, it's stunning :)

Take care,
Daniella xox

Keit said...

My sister wanted to open her own thrift store and I said to her she'd be broke in one week, because she would keep all the pretty finds for herself! True that! :D
I really wish I lived there so I can visit your store, maybe someday I'll finally be able to, and I'll take tons of photos for the blog too :D
Loooove these pants girl, crazy design, adore it!

RedTagChicLosAngeles said...

Oh gosh love those pants!!!


Willfully Elegant said...

These pants are after my own heart!! Beautiful and flirty!!


Cool pants :) love the style!

Unknown said...

I used to run a fashion store as well so I know what you mean when it's so tempting to keep many of the designs! Love the pants on you, such a statement piece with gorgeous prints!


Prints And Roses said...

Nice trousers!

Unknown said...

Those trousers are fab, good call deciding to keep them!

Patricia G. said...

Ohh, love this looks!! The pants are amazing!

Marry Allison said...

Love the bag! Brings so nice colour in the outfit, great combination!

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