Monday, March 2, 2015

MOD (2)

Hi guys!!!!!
I've been working tirelessly on my new brick and mortar store MOD, and as of this past weekend I am open for business!!!!
This weekend went better than I could have hoped. 
I will be slowly starting to put my online store back together. It is no longer DeepStyle, but it's the same concept, except they items will be way better and much more of them!
DeepStyle did so well because of all of you, I hope you will support MOD as well. 
You'll still be able to shop all my finds, vintage, high-end designer and anything in between that's fashion forward!
I hope you will all follow along and support! I need you guys!!!!

Facebook: MOD
Instagram: Mod_Cornwall


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6 Responses to “MOD”

Unknown said...

so glad that it's going well! good luck!

ellie xo

Prefor said...

More than happy to hear this. Good luck.

Keit said...

Yaaaay, the store looks absolutely amazing, can't wait to see what you'll stock up in your online store! Someday I'd love to visit you! ^_^

Unknown said...

I purchased a hat at It is so stylish!

mary said...

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