Monday, February 16, 2015

IMG_9998, cape, fringe, army green, fringed cape, choies

As much as I adore this hooded, fringed cape, it gives my husband yet another reason to tease me. Calling me Robin Hood, and calling the whole look "shire-chic" He's a riot...or so he thinks.
Although I can't say I don't see what he see's, I can say that I am in love with this piece despite it all. 
Due to the insanely frigid temps in NY, the only way to really rock this piece right now, is again, to layer with leather, and of course belting it to hold it all together. 

These pics were taken right down the street from my new shop.
It's coming along nicely, insane amounts of stress and all.
I am hoping to be open in the next few weeks and I will give you all the details when I do.
I did start a FB page (although there's nothing on it) so you can "Like" that HERE to get updates which will be coming soon!


Hooded Cape-c/o Choies


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6 Responses to “Shire-Chic”

Daniella said...

Husbands, boyfriends they be thinking they are soo hilarious! But.... I guess it does remind us not take it all so seriously. I love your cape and it looks amazing belted and with the over the knee boots! :)

Take care
Daniella xox

Patti said...

Fabulous cape! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

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