The time is Now.

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Obsessed with this Diesel sweatshirt dress. 
I have never understood short-sleeved sweaters/sweatshirts.
I always felt like if it was cold enough for this material, wasn't it too cold for short sleeves?
Well right now, in NY, it's the perfect weather for this. 
I was instantly drawn to the details: sporty material, the sheer trim, the pockets.
Casual but with great details...that's what it's all about!





Dress-Diesel . Shoes-Similar


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8 Responses to “The time is Now.”

Tatiana Barburasi said...

Love it!!! You look super cool!

Unknown said...

I just added a funnel-necked, woolly sweater with short sleeves to my wardrobe, dear Sheree; something I wouldn't have dreamed of wearing once upon a time...for exactly the reason you describe!! If the perfect weather for it doesn't materialize, there's always elbow-length gloves, right?! ;)

Unknown said...

stop it……….. I need this entire outfit. ps I'm still going strong… new items in a month ahhhhh
brooke @ tigers don't lose sleep

Unknown said...

nice dress but i'm in love with the SHOES !!

Q said...

love the dress.x

Unknown said...

Love that dress ! You look awesome :) x

Tanja said...

This dress is divine!


Unknown said...

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