I Don't Care...I Love It!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Designers have attempted to bring back the belt bag/fanny pack, but it's never really stuck.
We see them here and there but it hasn't become an annoyingly overpopularized trend...thank god!
I am sure a lot of you out there are not fans of the belt bag, but personally, I LOVE them!
Of course, like with anything, they need to be styled correctly
I am always a fan of pieces that add a casual chicness to a look and that's what I feel these do. 
I thrifted this one at a vintage shop in Manhattan.
It's not Chanel, but I love it just the same!

So spill it, what are your thoughts?




Tank-H&M . Pants-Stella McCartney . Bag-thrifted . Cuff-local boutique . Shades-Versace


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19 Responses to “I Don't Care...I Love It!”

Unknown said...

You are SO right, dear Sheree...it's all in the styling!! Of course, the fact that your belt bag is vintage makes it cool right off the bat; but its minimalist aesthetic is perfect for finishing off your simple blouse and trousers look!! XO


barefoot duchess said...

that cuff is divine!!

Daniella said...

Even though I'm yet to own one, I am a big fan of these belt bags but like you said, when styled correctly. I love yours, the neutral panel is a perfect touch and it looks great with this amazingly chic outfit :)

Take care,
Daniella xox

Unknown said...

I think they're good for certain events likes festivals or sales. Im not a fab for everyday though yours it's quite sleek and cool

Unknown said...

Love this!
Emma | With A City Dream

Unknown said...

Effortlessly chic,the outfit needs a quirky styling which u added with the bag belt.Perfect cuff too!

Unknown said...

you know how i feel about them, this is perfection!!!
brooke @ tigers don't lose sleep

Jasmin daily said...

This one I love! Others, not so much xxx


Kat Tanita (With Love From Kat) said...

This look is so chic! I'm obsessed!!! Love how you styled the crop with the wide legged pants!
xo Kat

Unknown said...

I'm normally not a huge fan, but I love how you styled this one. The gold accent on it is great. And those pants are amazing!!

Nicole to the Nines

The Suburb Experiment said...

I've been wearing them since Carrie Bradshaw waltzed across my screen in one. LOVE THEM! You look great!

jennifer said...

Love that belt bag!

xo Jennifer


Annette said...

We are definitely white crop top twins today and I approve! I love crop tops with high-waist trousers - probably one of the best combos ever. I'm with you on the fanny pack - they are a major yes, when styled correctly. You've done it perfectly. xx Annette www.avintagesplendor.com

RedTagChicLosAngeles said...

I don't know but it looks so good with the entire look!!!


Unknown said...

Well, YOU certainly make it look chic!
Dawn Lucy

Jane said...

i love them! i have one i got in Japan years ago -- it's very slim and not bulky, which i think is key. i use it in place of a belt sometimes. mine's nylon and sportier/more casual that the one you feature (totally gorgeous by the way).

Unknown said...

Fanny's rock and so does this look! Love the styling and the cuff is amazing!



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