Newest long layer

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I don't think I'm alone when I say, I'm in the middle of a long-layer love affair.
I can see how this style may appear sloppy to some, but for me, it feels so effortless and easy...and most importantly, so right for me
I went thrifting in the city this past weekend.
The consignment stores I went in were huge and have the potential to become overwhelming quickly.
I went in knowing what I was looking for, so it wasn't that bad.
I was looking for long pieces, lace and fringe.
I have to say, I did pretty well.
But that is the key to not feeling overwhelmed while thrifting: go in knowing what you want.
More thrift finds coming up soon my loves...




Shirt-thrifted (great layering option) . Pants-Vince . Kimono- Asos . Shoes-Sam Edelman


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12 Responses to “Newest long layer”

Unknown said...

you look amazing!!!

xoxo from rome

Daniella said...

You rock long layers! And I'm definitely with you on how awesome they are and how effortlessly chic they look and feel. Amazing outfit, feeling inspired :)

Take care,
Daniella xox

Susan B said...

I'm loving long layers too, especially layered like you've done here. You look fabulous here!

Unknown said...

Love this!
Week Of Giveaways |WCD

Unknown said...

I did a drapey, layered look for my blog today, too, dear Sheree!! The raw, handkerchief hem of this white tunic adds so much interest and movement to your outfit...I know we'll be seeing it again (reimagined, of course!) over the coming weeks!!

StyleSpectra said...

Love the layering! And the sandals are fab!

Unknown said...

now THAT is a great find, that piece is literally going to get you through every season!!! "lurve" it :))) ps can't wait to see the other finds!
brooke @ tigers don't lose sleep


Love your sandals first of all... and the long top looks super cool too.

Jessi said...

Love it! This would look so pretty underneath a sweater too! Love the cream and pale pink combo.
Visiting from Trend Spin!!


Carylee said...

It's such a great look! The layers and the way it flows! Funky fresh! :)
Visiting from the Trend Spin linkup!
-Carylee |

Coach boots said...

I added a small piece of lace fabric in the center to cover my bustier which meant I did not need to pay to have the dress altered at all. I was very pleased with my new dress!

Unknown said...

I absolutely love this look! So stylish and comfy.