Monday, April 7, 2014


I have been debating the Birkenstock for the past year now, but haven't pulled the trigger.
Once I saw them in metallic I was sold. 
They will be the perfect sandal for my easy-breezy vibe this summer.
Cant wait to get my hands on them!


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8 Responses to “Sold”

Citrus - Refreshing Fashion said...

haha i had this convo with my mom yesterday i was will never guess what is coming back in style..birkenstocks..haha my odl high school self is ecstatic! gorgeous pick can't wait to see how u style em :)

XO Meghan
citrus fashion

Annette said...

I LOVE Birks! As granola as they seem, I think they are super cute, especially in metallic. xx Annette

Daniella said...

Love loveeee! :)

Take care,
Daniella xox

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing how you style these.

Unknown said...

birkenstocks are the comfy shoes you'll ever own

Unknown said...

You know what, Sheree?? I've always, ahem, hated Birkenstocks...but the company has upped their style ante sooo much recently!! These silver ones are rad!!

susan jakovina said...

Everyone in our hood wears these...I just can't! Tell me if they're so comfortable that I'm missing out? lol.

Unknown said...

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