The forgotten pieces

Monday, March 3, 2014


I have been using the WhoWhatWear Style Challenge a bit to help me out of my creative funk. 
This winter in NY has been a rough one, and unfortunately, there is no spring light at the end of the tunnel. 
One of the challenges was to wear an item you haven't worn for at least 6 months. 
Since I have a ton of items that fit this description, it wasn't the hardest challenge.
This Ivory coat and this wrap are two of these items. 
I was also inspired by Blue is in Fashion this Years's post "Wear a blanket". 
This wrap, that I found while on vacation last year, is the perfect piece to get wrapped up and comfy in during these cold months.
Funny how you can fall in love with old pieces. 
It makes me wonder why I don't delve into the depths of my many closets more often. 

** On April 12th-13th I will be at Blackbird Attic's 4 year Anniversary Event. 
I will be having a huge closet sale and will be styling and offering up tips and advice.
Beacon is an AMAZING little city so I encourage you, if you are within a few hours away, to come and take advantage of this event and the city. 




Coat-Banana Republic . Shawl-Random boutique . Jeans- . Boots-Brian Atwood . Bag-Jess Rizzuti

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20 Responses to “The forgotten pieces”

Unknown said...

I was in Toronto to visit my parents this past week, Sheree...and boy, do I feel your pain about the icy weather!! I am loving the soft colours of this look, with the faded jeans, the boots (wow!) and the ivory coat; and I wish I had thought to bring my blanket scarf as an extra layer of warmth for my chic!!

Lady of Style said...

Glad we have such a mild winter without snow this year!

Fabulous look, I love the scarf with your light coloured, classy coat.

Annette | Lady of Style

Unknown said...

fantastic look!!

xoxo from rome

Q said...

Lovely outfit!

Daniella said...

Well Miss you certainly kicked butt with this style challenge! I love every aspect of this outfit, you are looking so freaking chic! :)

Take care,
Daniella xox

Unknown said...

lurve this……..i hope you are out of your funk because this is perfection :) if i lived within 6 hours of NY i would come to get styled by you haha!!!
brooke @ tigers don't lose sleep

Unknown said...

Your coat looks fab with the wrap over it

Unknown said...

amazing look

MerciBlahBlah said...

Love. This.

The end.

StyleSpectra said...

Great look!

barefoot duchess said...

This is awesome! Definitely one of your best and I loved the way you styled the shawl

Unknown said...

That leopard shawl is EVERYTHIIING. Love!

Have a great week!


susan jakovina said...

I can't believe you haven't worn this coat every day! LOVE!

Val @ Chicken Scratch. said...

So so gorgeous. I'm basically jealous of every piece you have on!!

Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

I'm going to read about the WhoWhatWear challenge right now because I am in desperate need of inspiration. I love this look so much - the layers look so cozy!

amber said...

in love with this look!
you're a rock star!!

i'm in canada- originally from the states but here for husband's work.. so no spring light at the end of the tunnel, oh girl, let me tell you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love love love your boots, there are super cool !!

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