Guess which piece is my husband's

Friday, February 28, 2014


Can you guess which piece is from my husbands closet?
I'll give you a hint...
He doesn't like pink, the only thing he has that's quilted is his puffer vest, and he rarely wears heels.
That leeeaves, the big oversized sweatshirt..toughie right?
In all seriousness, I love a good oversized piece and I've come to realize that shopping in the closet next to mine is a lot easier and more efficient than trying to find an oversized piece online. 
Try it this weekend. 
An oversized button down is another great piece to play around with.
TGIF loves!


Sweatshirt-husbands . Leather Vest-Vintage . Skirt-Uniqlo (Favorite option). Boots-Manolo Blahnik


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18 Responses to “Guess which piece is my husband's”

Anonymous said...

Love it! Great look! And totally smart idea to look for oversized clothes in your man's closet! :)
-Alex of

Vanessa Culpepper said...

i've worn my husband's button down as an oversized top before and i'm planning on doing it again next week w/ a blazer and leather leggings! p.s. i totally tried to copy this outfit today (b*** stole my look, much?!)....well, we'll just say use it more an inspiration. i'll be posting a pic on instagram later.

josep-maria badia said...

An absolutely wonderful look, you look really beautiful. I love the skirt and I love the combination of pink and black. Your hair, in a not usual queue, it looks very nice.

Lauren Maria said...

Love that quilted skirt, good call stealing the hubby's jumper

barefoot duchess said...

Loved the outfit and I am obsessed with your boots!!

k come karolina said...

fantastic look!!

xoxo from rome

Anonymous said...

lol...I guessed right! Nothing like an oversized sweater to counter balance the pink!

xo April

Brooke Allen said...

once again, stop it, this is sooo chic. what a great idea….i love all of sam's basic sweatshirts…might have to steal one this weekend….and that quilted skirt….ive been eyeing them on the uniqlo website for quite some time… make me think i could pull one off. lurveee
brooke @ tigers don't lose sleep

Rach Dulay said...

I love how you made this look so chic!

Rach Dulay said...

I love how you made this look so chic!

Rach Dulay said...

I love how you made this look so chic!

Jennifer said...

What a pretty coat!

xo Jennifer

Tori Mistick said...

That looks so cute on you! I can never manage to borrow clothes from my actual boyfriend and still look cute. But I have shopped the men's section at the thrift store before and found some awesome jeans!

Anonymous said...

I love stealing things from my hubby's closet as well ;) Love the look!


Fashion-Bridge said...

Beautiful mixing of feminine and masculine pieces!



Isabella Pozzi said...

Wow love this look....the boots are just amazing

Zarouhi Zaz said...

Need that quilted skirt now! Wearing oversized today too, you look super chic - a fabulous pair of heels lifts everything, fab styling. My husband has great shirts and jackets, Tom Ford even once complimented him, don't know why I haven't raided his closet before, no stopping me now!

Dawn Lucy said...

It look so chic! Maybe I should start looking at hubby's closet with a new eye! ;)
OXOX Dawn Lucy