Purple perfection

Monday, January 6, 2014


Do you ever think about what your favorite items are? What your best purchases were?
Well, this was not only the steal of the year, but one of my favorite purchases as well. 
I found this Christian Lacroix coat at a local consignment shop.
I am actually not entirely sure if it's vintage or not although judging by the shoulder pads I am leaning towards it. The reason I question it at all, is because it is in such mint condition, and it just feels new and modern. 
Since I already posted it on Instagram it's no secret that it was only $89.99!!!!!!
The structure, the color...I am truly in love!

In this post  I layered my fur vest over my coat, this time, under. 
I love this little fur vest, it's always there to add a bit of layered texture. 
And as for the bling, don't hide it under your winter-wear.
Statement necklaces look great over a turtleneck and cuffs look great over gloves...just a little tip for all my lovely readers...





Coat-thrifted Christian Lacroix from Simplicity  . Turtleneck-F21 . Vest-thrifted (on sale) . Jeans-JBrand . Boots-Brian Atwood . Necklace-H&M . Bag-c/o Jess Rizzuti


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31 Responses to “Purple perfection”

Live-Style20 said...

so cute!! ; ]

super pics;DD

i invite to me too


Live-Style20 said...

so cute!! ; ]

super pics;DD

i invite to me too


Daniella said...

What a steal indeed! Wow, you got an amazing deal on this gorgeous purple coat! Love how this striking colour looks with the all black and the neutral boots :)

Take care,
Daniella xox

Unknown said...

Gorgeous coat, complete steal

Unknown said...

holy shenanigans you've done it again, that coat was definitely the steal of the year and i just love how you topped off a monochromatic black ensemble with it!! and of course loving the juxtaposition of the distressed denim with those gorgeous boots…..lurve lurve lurve

Carrie said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Love the pics, the coat, the boots,...and the tips about wearing jewelry in winter!!

barefoot duchess said...

OMG!! What a gorgeous pair of legs =D

Always Maylee said...

LOVE the color of this coat, it's gorgeous.

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Aracely @ Mama Fashion Files said...

You look fabulous!! Love the coat, great color.

Unknown said...

so unique to you - so good.

You have such a strong sense of style - you could make anything modern.

THOSE JEANS. Don't know if they came with holes or not, but they're perfection.


Unknown said...

That coat is AH-MAAAAZING! Love the color.

Have a great week!


Nicole Feliciano said...

I wish that coat was the color of the year!

Unknown said...

I love the color of that coat!!!
I just came across your blog! I am now following and I look forward to keeping up!


josep-maria badia said...

Great look, I love the color of the coat, and the combination of black and mauve. The coat design is cute. But ... that cold in the knees! LOL.

Lissy said...

That coat is everything. The color and cut of the coat are super fab. What a steal!!

Chioma said...

that coat is thrifted?? Amazing!!

C's Evolution of Style

Vanessa C. said...

Those boots are sick! every time i see them I get shoe envy all over!!

Fashion-Bridge said...

Perfection it is. This coat is absolutely fantastic!




Unknown said...

Stopping by from the link up today! I absolutely adore your purple coat!! So chic!

xo Erica www.casuallystyled.com

Meghan L. said...

The fur vest is so chic under the coat and I'm dying over that jewel-toned purple. I also loved how you mixed the "grungy" knee-showing bottoms with the top portion. Stopping by from the linkup!
Meghan @ Lipstick Skulls

Pandamone Stylist. said...

Great coat and shoes <3

BrooklynPetite said...

Love this look, that coat and those boots are amazing ! Definitely one of my fav looks



Anonymous said...

The whole look is oh so chic, but the color of that coat is insanely good!

Stay warm ;)


Merrie K. said...

Hi, that jacket and the boots are fabulous...I don't care where they are from! :)

Unknown said...

The colour of this coat is just out-of-this-world!! Add the designer label and the insane (in the best way!) price, and I'm thinking "find of the DECADE"...not just the year!!


Ellen Ross | Ask Away Blog said...

OMG THAT FREAKIN PURPLE COLOR! must have a jacket in that color ahhh!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Those jeans are crazy awesome!

Jessi said...

Seriously, what a gorgeous coat!! Awesome find girl!
Visiting from Trend Spin :)


The Jewelry Lady said...

Awesome look!

Unknown said...

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