Metallic shoes + a funny story

Thursday, January 23, 2014





I have loved metallic shoes for years...seriously years. 
I have had these Tano ones for almost 10 (still going strong) and these Ash sneakers for about 2 or 3. 
But my very first pair was in HS. 
We live about an hour from Manhattan, so I used to drag my dad down there all the time, and force him to go into stores like Patrica Fields where they had the wildest clothing, sold to you by the wildest of sales people. 
I bought these chunky heeled silver boots that came just above my ankle and had two black racing stripes on them (i'll never forget). 
My best friend in HS was gay, and although loved by many, had his share of conflict.
One day after school we were in the parking lot getting ready to leave, and some a-hole got mad at him and called him a derogatory word. 
Well I wouldn't stand for that, so I got out of the car and started going off on him, and the girl that was with him, in my silver boots.
The girls remark to me, "Go walk on the moon, you bitch".
I honestly think I started laughing right then and there...pissed as I was, it was funny.
I still laugh about it to this day.
Seeing these metallic shoes everywhere lately always reminds me of that story and I decided I finally just had to share.

**shoes aside..can we talk about the pants in the second pic...obsessed!


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38 Responses to “Metallic shoes + a funny story”

jessica rose said...

Love anything gold...especially trainers!! I want Converse to bring out a gold pair..

k come karolina said...


xoxo from rome

Marcelle Ceide Ceide said...

Hey Sheree, Funny story. And the pants are sick, too sexy!!

Marcelle Ceide Ceide said...

Hey Sheree, Funny story. And the pants are sick, too sexy!!

barefoot duchess said...

would love a pair of gold =)

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

Funny story. Moon boots : )


Christina Storm said...

Love the metallics!

The Style Storm
<3, Christina

Ilona Zakrzewska said...


Michèle Kruesi said...

so in love with these details

Megan said...

Yes, metallic shoes are amazing!! I don't have any right now, but I definitely need some!! That is such a funny story. People can be so silly sometimes, lol.

xo Megan, Lush to Blush

Gabrielle @ LookSharpSconnie said...

This story makes me like you even more, if that's even possible. #gettitgirl

Monika Faulkner said...

Love your story!! I can totally visualize how it played's so great to have memories that can still make you laugh years later!! And yes...the lace-up pants in the second pic are to-die-for; as are the gorgeous silver stilettos!!

Brooke Allen said...

ohh i love this, its good to know you were just as fierce back then!!!!! and this metallic shoe round up…..swooooooon

Anonymous said...

love metallics esp in shoes!!

Lauren Maria said...

I really need some metallic shoes

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Good for you and your moon boots!

Veronica Bonilla said...

I've been looking into getting a pair of metallic shoes too


Cassie WetheFashionati said...

Hahahaha that's pretty funny. I hope they got theirs though!

I'm totally digging the metallic shoes vibe. I think I saw in wwd that Chanel or someone did funky sneakers on the runway and I got really excited! Plus metallic shoes add a nice pop to my usually all black wardrobes :) Great stuff!

Happiness at Mid Life said...

That's a great story! Those pants on that second photo is to die for!


Susan Liberatore said...

That is hilarious!!!
I swear you and I would have been fast friends. I always liked my fashion on the side of strange. I say I was just too far ahead for the rest of them. ;)

Debbie Stinedurf said...

Great story...I would've busted out laughing too! Love the shoes...whether you're moon walking or not!

Katarzyna Szczerba said...

the most beatifull Nike

Diva In Me said...

Now, when I look at my metallic shoes, I will think of you =D
I'm in love with that pants in the last pic!

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