Long Layers

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Images via Pinterest and The Petticoat

As you have probably noticed from my more recent style posts,
 I am really inspired by long layers, mainly long, sleeveless layers. 
They give off such an effortless vibe no?


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6 Responses to “Long Layers”

Kier Mellour said...

Love the short skirt/long jacket vibe :)

With Love From Hollywood,
Fashion Addict LA
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Live-Style20 said...

nice pics;DD

i invite to me too


Daniella said...

Love longer layers! Amazing inspiration my dear :)

Take care,
Daniella xox

barefoot duchess said...

These outfits are like you personally picked them!!

Diva In Me said...

i like your choices of pictures for long layers. Definitely looks good and it give a twist to the usual layering. Great for summer too =)

Charlie said...

Love this look. I always think you look amazing when you sport it. Thanks for the exposé.