Healthy Alternatives

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Earth Balance is dairy and soy free.It seriously tastes just like butter

These are a great alternative to Potato Chips. 
I always get the Black Bean ones.
My kids love them and they have tons of fiber and protein.

Almond or coconut milk is so much better for you than cow's milk.
I recently discovered Almond milk Yogurt as well. 

These flourless English muffins are filled with tons of good stuff.
Just one has 8 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber!

The best dairy-free chocolate chips I have ever tasted..tastes exactly like chocolate

I am so happy that so many of you reached out to me after this post.
I am passionate about eating healthy and "clean".
As I have stated in that last post, I have chronic Lyme disease and reducing the inflammation in my body is a vital part in keeping the disease dormant.
Meat, dairy and gluten are the three main causes of inflammation in our bodies and inflammation is the leading cause of  cancer and disease.
These alternatives are just some of the basics that I thought you may find helpful. 
Feel free to contact me with any further questions


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4 Responses to “Healthy Alternatives”

Unknown said...

I tried almond yogurt once - no bueno. I eat all of the things you mention ... meat (once a week), dairy and gluten although my carb intake is generally low and I don't really eat a lot of bread or pasta. Brown rice is probably my carb of choice and I occassionally eat a chicken wrap in a flour tortilla or lavash. Guess it would not hurt to lower my dairy intake although I love a yogurt in the morning. Thanks for sharing !

Anonymous said...

I need to try those chips!! We use the same milks and chocolate chips (I love the Enjoy Life brand!) I' planing on try to make my own almond milk, but first I need a nut bag...yeah, nut bag. (lol!)

knocked up fabulous

duckalicious said...

are you vegan, too? instant extra cool points! sorry if I already asked you that, I get over-enthusiastic about meeting fellow vegans sometimes :D

Anonymous said...

I really miss having access to sprouted bread. Impossible to find in a small town in Scotland. Luckily, the other things like unsweetened almond milk and plenty of fresh veg are abundant. I though it would be hard to be vegan in Scotland, but it actually is a breeze, although I have to travel a ways to get black beans. They just aren't the ubiquitous ingredient in the UK the way they are in the States.