4 Green Skirts?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I wrote in this post about the fact that I had only one green article of clothing in my wardrobe. 
Well, since then I have unconsciously acquired not just 4 articles of green clothing, but 4 green skirts. 
The funny thing is they have all been pretty popular.  
This one I sold to a reader after getting numerous emails from people wanting to purchase it.
You don't have to spend a lot to get noticed...these were ALL thrift store finds!
So now my question for you is, do you have a green skirt in your wardrobe? 

Shirt & skirt-vintage/Belt and jacket-thrifted/Heels-Nine West/ Bag-L/V "speedy"

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34 Responses to “4 Green Skirts?”

Jennifer said...

I have too many black and white striped shirts to count so 4 green skirts isn't too bad lol

xo Jennifer


Siena in Style said...

i love the unusual color!so chic
kisses from Milano
have a beautiful day!

barefoot duchess said...

I love the color of your skirt !

Mummy, Wife and Chaos said...

I love green! All 4 were/are gorgeous!

Daniella said...

That green skirt is gorgeous! I love how it looks with the simple white top and the richness of your brown leather belt really lifts and compliments the white and green combo perfectly. Seriously chic look my dear, another favourite for sure! :)

Take care,
Daniella xox

Joy Shana said...

You look gorgeous, you just got me thinking i don't have a green skirt for real, love the bag

Unknown said...

i noticed this spring that I have 2 green skirts and 5 green tops......its just a great color! I LOVE how you have styled this one and also the fact that you have acquired 4 green skirts hahaha!
brooke @ what2wear

laurenmaria said...

Green is my favourite colour, I have so many green clothes!

Aubree said...

I just bought a green skirt and it arrived yesterday in the mail. It's kelly/emerald green with blue sailboats and I love it. I really like that color but don't have too many clothes that color.


Unknown said...

I just got a kelly green skirt as well. I have to admit, my green section in the closet is a bit sparse too, while the black area is practically overflowing. Love the look of the voluminous shirt tucked into a pencil skirt!

Unknown said...

Ok. just about everything here is perfect. THIS is colorblocking. Streamlined, clean, but adequately broken up. I am absolutely in love The way that the shirt silhouettes against the belted skirt is AHHHHMAZING.

So funny. I've been debating buying this emerald skirt at anthro for 2 months now. you may have just convinced me that I need it.

You are perfect.


thankfifi said...

I don't own any green :( Think it reminds me of my school uniform! Love this shade though (nothing like the school versions which haunt me...) - perfect paired with the loose tee


Always Maylee said...

I love this green skirt, such a pretty shade on you. Gorgeous!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Kristina said...

I don't have a green skirt, but now I want one! Instead I have a surprising number of orange skirts.

Kristina does the Internets

Anonymous said...

I am loving your green skirt, it's beautiful.


Jill said...

I should get a green skirt, I have had a jade color on my mind after seeing that shade of skirt on Lauren Santo Domingo. I love your nail polish and your LV Speedy! XO, Jill

Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

I am seriously so jealous. Green is my favorite color EVER and I don't have a green skirt! I literally want to run to goodwill right now and see if I can find one! I love the one your wearing and I also love the long one that you sold to a reader - they're both so gorgeous!

Angele Style said...

I found your blog mentioned on IFB. The way you put together outfits is the BEST!!! I like the high/low end effect and your WHITE shoes. I thought I was the only one who likes white shoes. I have some white boots and thought white pumps would look too much like the Easter Parade but seeing how you wear them I am going to go for it!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

love love love this outfit
great color, silhouette, awesome

Ashley said...

Well green is definitely my favorite color, so I LOVE them skirt and this entire outfit!

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I do not have a green skirt as of yet, but it is not for lack of trying. Today's permutation is my favourite by far. I love that kelly green colour for spring.

Holly Foxen Wells of Glamour Mash said...

Every St. Patrick's Day, I look into my closet and realize I have nothing green to wear! It's such a great color but I never seek it out when I shop... need to be more conscious of "going green." Your "Fashion Circus" post green skirt was definitely one of my faves :)

Holly Foxen Wells

Unknown said...

I only have one green skirt, it has a mod feel. I love yours In this post. Looking fabulous as always.


BrooklynPetite said...

I only own 1 :(
you make want to buy 3 more lol, green looks great on you



Julie Cottrell said...

Girl I love this!!!! The green and white are just so fresh. Keep the green comin!!


Prisla Buah said...

gorgeous color combination, love the touch of casual with the jean jacket

Anonymous said...

I don't have a green skirt in my wardrobe. Love that shade of green and the brown accessories are just perfect for the look.

Catherine Fishback said...

This skirt is an amazing color and you look fabulous.

FEST (food, style, travel)

RedTagChicLosAngeles said...

I need to have more greens in my life & in my closet,....love that shade of green!!!


The Chic Sheet said...

Green is your color! Love the look!!


Fashion-Bridge said...

Awesome look! This skirt is to kill for! And I like how ypu add a playful touch with your belt




Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Your style is always on point. I am on the hunt for the perfect green skirt. Looks like you found it first!


Allison said...

You look gorgeous in green! I don't blame you for having 4 green skirts (well, 3 now..)

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