Use it while you can.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Lately I have been drawing my inspiration from my own closet.
Instead of trying to create something from an image that inspires me 
I have been trying to recreate what I already have.
I have been so focused on the warmer weather hurrying the f... up and looking to my spring wardrobe and collections instead of getting as much use out of my winter clothes as I can. 
I decided to go back to layering outerwear and pulled out my ostrich fur vest that I haven't worn nearly enough this season. I paired it with this vintage scuba skirt and opted for a more fitted boot, which compliments the straight silhouette. 

**btw..I found it so funny that everyone felt what I was feeling about the pink outfit.
I love that everyone gets my vibe and specific style and so glad you enjoy what comes**

Vest & Skirt-Vintage/Jacket-AE/Belt-thrifted/Bag-H&M/Boots-Franco Sarto


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24 Responses to “Use it while you can.”

Joy Shana said...

Love the fur vest, those boots looks amazing, i take inspiration from my closet mostly, i look around what i have and put it together:) would love for you to join my blog GIVEAWAY

Nieco Starsza Dziewczyna said...

I am delighted with your blog. I invite you to me:

Kristina Djuric said...

love the jacket and that fur vest! great <3

Unknown said...

uhhh an ostrich fur vest...gorgeous....and you are kicking winter's ass in this look!!! you are right its only cold for so long.....maybe ill start embracing it instead of bitching about it!!
brooke @ what2wear

PoppysStyle said...

That vest is fabulous - very similar to the Skaist-Taylor one I got from Target/Newman Marcus partnership!

BrooklynPetite said...

That vest is fabulous !
I love your hair btw


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RedTagChicLosAngeles said...

I think our own closets are still the best source of inspos....& you so did a great job here as always Sheree!! Thanks for reminding me to bust out my denim jacket already!!


Anonymous said...

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Oh to Be a Muse said...

I'm really enjoying the vest layered over the jacket, Sheree. It's very smart of you to continue layering since the weather isn't as warm as we'd all like it to be just yet.

Always Maylee said...

I love the vest over the denim jacket, so chic!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Anonymous said...

amazing stuff thanx

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Sybil said...

great layering with the fur vest and denim jacket! :D

have a good weekend!
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Anonymous said...

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Fashion-Bridge said...

It's a beautiful and wallet friendly way to dress up:) I like your idea to ger inspired by what you already have instead of buying new stuff! Love the fur + denim combo



Parlor Girl said...

LOVE the fur vest!!!

The Parlor Girl

N@NY said...



barefoot duchess said...

This bad is so cool!!

The Chic Sheet said...

I agree! The only things I have been buying lately are pieces that will be perfect for spring!!! I am ready for it to get here already. Grrrrrr


Anonymous said...

I ran to the thrift store yesterday and was thinking of this outfit when I came across a faux fur vest. Of course I had to grab it! Hopefully I can pull it off!

knocked up fabulous

christine said...

I've been following your blog for awhile, but first time commenting. I love that you are working on putting together looks you see with what's already in your closet. I try to do that myself. I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Will be copying the fur vest over denim jacket tomorrow...thanks!

Sheree said...

awesome Christine..thanks for deciding to leave a comment ;)
glad I have inspired you!
sheree xxx

Unknown said...

I love this look. It's classic in a lot of ways, but with the bag and the shoes is a little edgy, too. Might have to pull out my black pencil skirt, denim jacket, and pointy boots. I'm inspired.

Unknown said...

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