It just feels right.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

I have a confession...I hated yesterday's outfit. 
When I was going through my pics with my mother the night before I kept saying that I just wasn't feelin' it.
I mean, I shouldn't say I hated the outfit.
I actually did like the outfit but it just didn't feel like me.
I obviously wore it out the entire day and felt fine but when I saw the pics I was like "".
I know a lot of you found the colors refreshing but it really was just not me. 
It's crazy how I have come to know my style so well. 
When I pulled these photos up, I could immediately see the difference..this feels like me. 
How well do you know yourself and your style?
Do you still put things on and then think "what was I thinking?"
I love these Ronen Chen pants and this coat was my late Grandmothers's.
Back to my feminine, urban edge..and glad yesterdays post is yesterdays news!

**Just wondering..who are your favorite bloggers?
Would love to check out some new ones that
inspire you!**

Coat-Grandma's/Pants-Ronen Chen(on sale)/Tank-Express/Scarf-H&M/
Bag-Pour la Victoire/Shoes-Nine West


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24 Responses to “It just feels right. ”

Allison said...

I totally know what you mean! I look back on some of my outfits and am, no, that is so NOT me, WTF was I thinking??? Now I have to go back and look at your outfit yesterday (just now catching up on blogs) but I'm sure you look fantastic! Fav bloggers- so many (well you know who they are- they are listed on my blog! :)

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Kristina Djuric said...

The bag is fabolous!!

duckalicious said...

I agree - honestly, I thought your yesterday's outfit wasn't very you, too. I really don't see you in pink :D if you feel that way, too, you shouldn't force yourself to wear it. I used to do that with brown - I HATED it and still do (on myself, not on others), but kept trying to wear it cause I thought I should. it feels so funny and stupid when I think back. I like the fact that you know what cuts and colors you wanna wear and stick to them. I mean, it's great to experiment and maybe introduce something new to your style from time to time, but some of those "tweaks" just don't work out - no biggie. keep doing your own thing, it's really cool!

Unknown said...

It feels right oh yeah but also looks amazing, love those pants.
xx, C

ashley said...

I feel that way about my outfit posts sometimes too. It's frustrating. But whatever, you looked amazing. Dying over this coat.

xo Ashley

Citrus - Refreshing Fashion said...

Gorgeous and you are seriously the only person I know that can make a mid-driff look hot and stylish :) kisses gorgeous!

XO Meghan


Great look! Love your bag!
See you in my blog, maybe.

Moi Contre La Vie said...

Great look! I've been enjoying all the midriff baring looks starting to pop up and wasn't quiiite sure how to make it work for me. Excited to try - Thank you for the style inspiration. :)

Unknown said...

This does seem like your (freaking incredible) style! Have you checked out Casual Friday? She is pretty AWESOME
Brooke @ what2wear

BrooklynPetite said...

I completely understand what you mean, I didn't think that outfit was you either, there was just too much pink going on and I knew that wasn't you, BUT this is definitely YOU! i love those pants. My favorite bloggers would have to be, well besides you lol its


I mean there a lot more, I just don't want to overflow your page lol


The Chic Sheet said...

I really love this look :)I also may have to get those pants!! They are high wasted perfection!


JustPatience said...

Gorgeous. Loving the wide leg pants crop top combo. Your jacket is also luxe.

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Always Maylee said...

Your pants are fantastic and definitely so you. I think it's ok to have some days where you're like "hmm, this outfit might not really be me", that's how you learn and evolve, right? You look gorgeous!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Unknown said...

I hate when that happens, when you put together, that seemingly works, but just feel off. If it makes you feel better, you looked great and I didn't see anything wrong with it, but how you feel is most important! The good news, You can re-style the components and share that with us :)

Blogs I read:

Lena Antonacci said...

It happens to me all the time. I think I look great, people say I look great. I spend all day in the outfit. And then I see my pics once I'm ready to post and I'm like, "What in the world was I thinking?" C'est la vie!
I would kill for your abs by the way!!

Lena xoxo

Lejla said...

I love love love these pants!!! They are amazing! I'll have to find one for myself :)
I have browsed through couple of your posts and I really liked what I saw so I followed you :)
Come check out my blog and if you like it you can follow me too on GFC or FB but you totaly don't have to :)
Anyways, I'll be coming here more often. You have an amazing blog :)
Greatings from Sarajevo <3
Lejla <w

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Anonymous said...

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laurenmaria said...

Thats funny cause I was really surprised at yesterday's outfit. I didn't think it was really you, wasn't a big fan and I normally live your outfits. I totally agree a out having your own style you feel comfortable with


Holly Foxen Wells of Glamour Mash said...

I hear you! It was a ncie change but we all know your style and it was def a different look. Back to black, girl!

Holly Foxen Wells
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Oh to Be a Muse said...

I like your edgy stuff better too...and your honesty! Loving the fit of these pants. They are so cool.

barefoot duchess said...

Obsessed with the bare midriff!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this coat, Sheree!! Yay for grandmas who keep amazing vintage pieces!!

knocked up fabulous

Kelsey Bang said...

love that fun coat!

Anonymous said...

This is a great outfit. I love the fur detail :)