Toddler Dressing {Girls}

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Joe's jeans have the best fit for my daughter. They are stretchy and easy to play in but have a stylish skinny! They also have them in animal print!
Converse are a staple in our household. Every member of the family has at least one pair. 
My kids go to a "nature" based school and are outside for half of the day all year round. When shopping for school shoes I knew I wasn't going to be getting her anything fancy or too expensive. 
Converse are the perfect balance between function and style.
How adorable are these polka dotted ones!.
The sweatshirt is available in the H&M stores in the US but not online..only GB.

Shirt-Zara (Similar)/ Pants-Crewcuts (on sale!)/Hunter Boots

This chambray shirt from Zara has been the perfect basic for my daughter. 
Unfortunately, it is sold out, but they have this denim version that is equally as versatile.
These pants I could not pass up. I dress my daughter pretty much like I would dress myself (minus the leather & heels). A lot of the toddler animal print clothing can look pretty tacky but when you pair them with more toned-down basics it looks uber-chic (same concept for adults!). These pants are now on sale!
The Hunter boots have been the best purchase I made for school. 
Again, the kids go outside even in the rain so I needed rain boots immediately!
When you think of what to buy for your kids, think about yourself.
Metallic goes with EVERYTHING and they have.
She has worn these boots  so much, they were worth the price!


I rarely find things, for my daughter, that I like in Target. 
I always continue to look because their prices are so good and who isn't in Target at least once a week?
Sometimes I do come across something really cute, like this star dress.
Stars are so on trend and I plan on layering it, so she is able to wear it through the colder months.
Long sleeve shirt underneath, sweatshirt over top and you are all set. 
I got rid of the belt that it came with to keep it more casual. 
I do love Gwen Stefani's Harjuku Mini line though and I want to get these plaid pants and this graphic tee for my son!

Dress-Zara.Leggings-H&M/Converse (low-tops)

Again, I couldn't find these leggings online at H&M but they are in the stores. 
I love buying funky leggings like these (so on trend) to wear underneath dresses. This dress was from summer so it's also unavailable.
I often transition her dresses into the fall by easy to do and saves a lot of money.
I have often re-used her dresses she has outgrown and use them as tunics or shirts. 
You are usually able to do this since they tend to grow out of the length the quickest at this age. 

Hope all of you parents out there liked and were inspired by this post.
This is the first time I have really done a kids one like this.
Tell me what you think!

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8 Responses to “Toddler Dressing {Girls}”

Yazmin said...

OMG your little girl is sooooo cute! I think its great to cultivate children's sense of fashion from an early age. I always wanted a girl precisely for the fashions but I was wrong to think that only girls like to express themselves through clothes, my nine year old is ALL into fashion and has been since he was about four. My one year old doesn't get much of a say yet but I'm sure in due time he too will speak up. :)
This is an adorable post!

Yazmin xo

Unknown said...

LOVE all the toddler dressing! It's so cute & fresh! I have a little granddaughter, so this is great inspiration for things I need to buy her!
-Daisy Nguyen from the PS BANANAS! fashion blog:

Fashion-Bridge said...

That's super cool that you made a post about childrens style!and your daughter is absolutely adorable and super stylish (like her mum!)



Lauren Dimesky said...

Your daughter is sooo precious! My mom always teases me about her bringing me shopping when I was a toddler and caught this contagion--it's all her fault, I say!!!!!

adorn la femme

MerciBlahBlah said...

Love the kids' post, mamacita!! I LOVE the Harijuku line, and really buy the pieces for any and all of my kiddos. I got Scarlett a pair of plaid pants last Christmas, and I have put them on all three of the kids. The pants that you got for Reef have a jacket that goes with them that I am waiting not so patiently to go on sale so I can get it. Love. It. Also love the leopard leggings. I need to get a pair of those for Mz. Scarlett too!! That's pretty cool that their school has them outside so much - I've never heard of anything like that! Are they really outside if it is really cold or icy?

Jenny said...

I know I've said this before, but your daughter seriously must be the best dressed kid ever!! I've always wanted a little girl just so I could dress her up! :) So stinkin' adorable!

xo Jenny

The Chic Sheet said...

I am not a parent, but I adore this post!! Great tips :)


Unknown said...

That's how I really really wish my next child will be a girl:) can be dress like a doll just like yours. :)