So into you.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Here are a few things I am, and have been, into lately..

anything fuzzy..

One bold statement piece...

Chanel black matte...


(Pics from black & silver tumbler)

What are you into lately?

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8 Responses to “So into you.”

lapetiteblonde said...

wow so cool and chic dear!!

The Chic Sheet said...

OMG. I love everything about this post!!!!!


thankfifi said...

chunky knits definitely

♥ Thankfifi
p.s. I bought a really cheap matte top coat and it looks so great over any dark colour

viewrama said...

nice post :)

DC in STYLE said...

The structured dress is amazing-totally in love with it!!!

Emily said...

that black matte nail polish is everything....must have! x

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