with a side of Leopard.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The other day, while driving to the beach, already running late with two kids in the car, we got a flat tire. Of course the tire couldn't just be plugged, noooo that would be too easy, it was ruined.
On this day that you see here, my husband and I had to drive to Paramus to get the car fixed and we made a day (well 1/2 day) of it. 
Of course we took pics while waiting, split a bagel sandwich (btw, does anyone else HATE american cheese? One of the very few foods I cannot stand..yuck), and then stopped at Ikea to look at bunk beds for my son. 
We had fun and although we still try to go out once a week for dinner, it reminded me that we haven't spent that much time together, just us, in waaay too long. 
So a trip to Atlantic City was planned for his birthday next month. 
I love Black Jack, he loves Roulette...dangerous yes, but sure to be a blast!
So I say to all my married readers with kids..
spend time together alone..your relationship is the foundation to your family..nurture it!

And now we switch gears, I haven't worn either of these pieces (nor the shoes) in forever and who knew I would like them together? I am definitely diggin' the light blue and red combo..and you can never do wrong with a  little leopard peekaboo action. 
I think this skirt  is going to be piece I restyle for the next "Which Way Wednesday", so don't forget to pop back to pick which outfit you like best!

One great little perk about owning a high-end car...
Starbucks coffee in the waiting room.
It's not such a little thing when you're a coffee snob...

Shirt-French Connection (old)
Skirt & Bag-H&M (both old)
Shoes-Steve Madden (old)
Bag-Pour la Victoire


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4 Responses to “with a side of Leopard.”

Lauren S. said...

Great pairing! And I get you about the Starbucks - from one coffee snob to another! ;)

Unknown said...

Very stylish and hot :D


Julie Khuu | Haute Khuuture said...

Sporty chic! Love that detailing on the skirt...athletic stripes done right for day...great mix!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog

Urszula said...

nice relaxed look ! love your skirt !