Which Way Wednesday

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Welcome to the first Which way Wednesday! 
This is where I take one piece, wear it 2 different ways
 and you get to decide which look you like better. 

Today we have the very trendy floral pant. 
Look one is worn with a graphic tank and I added a  pop of color with the clutch. 
This look has a more edgy, urban feel.
Look two I am going along with the feminine vibe of the pant, adding a sheer, ruffle top and metallic shoes. 
This look is definitely more flirty and feminine. 

I got the idea to do this because I have found that so many people have a hard time picking out clothes that they really love. Shopping is too stressful and confusing for them and I think the main reason is that they haven't yet defined their personal style. 
Once you do this, shopping becomes a lot easier. 
Gone are the days of buying and returning or hating everything in your closet. When you see different ways of wearing something and can identify what style you are more drawn to, eventually, you will notice a pattern. 
So back to the looks..
which one do you like best?

Pants-thrifted Blackbird Attic
Outfit 1. Shirt-Diesel/clutch-BR/Shoes-Chloe
Outfit 2. Shirt-H&M/Clutch-Target/shoes-Juicy Couture


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7 Responses to “Which Way Wednesday”

L said...

Love this segment - definitely prefer look 1!

Anonymous said...

I like look 2 the best!

Michelle Stasha said...

I didnt like the 1st look at first, but it grew on me. I think I still like 2 better though!

D said...

Love look #1 - The tank makes it!

silvia said...

look 1 is better for me!

Unknown said...

I love look 1 and it's definitly more 'you' and the kind of outfit I always like seeing on you!

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