Which way Wednesday (Thursday)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

So I lied!
The other day I said I was going to use this skirt and restyle it for "Which way Wednesday" but I decided to go with the bralet. It made more sense to stick with the big trends right now. 
Last week was the printed pant which we all know is huge 
and if you have been on Topshop lately, you have seen there is no shortage of bralet's. 
This one happens to be my favorite. 
Look one: obviously dressy and sexy when paired with a faux leather skirt.
Look 2: Not dressed down per say but definitely more casual..less sex.
Which look do you like best?

Look1. Pants-Urban Outfitters/Hat and clutch-target/shoes-Steve Maddeen
Look2. Skirt-H&M/shoes-Kenneth Cole/Clutch-Tory Burch


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5 Responses to “Which way Wednesday (Thursday)”

L said...

Just can't pick - love 'em both!!!

Michelle Stasha said...

I like the pants better!

Catherine, Not Dressed As Lamb said...

Hi Sheree, I am so loving your style!!! Although I love the leather skirt (your legs are amazing btw), I do have a thing for printed trousers, so the pants and hat look is the winner for me.

I must say, your photography is wonderful, you have a great blog... am now following you on GFC and Bloglovin! If you were to pop over and visit mine sometime I'd love you to say hi :))

Catherine x

Tatiana Barburasi said...

i found your blog very interesting and inspiring! following you now!! check out my blog when you have some time.
xoxo Tati.

Anonymous said...

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