The week of the Vest {Dress}

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Week of "The Vest" Day 5
Hello my peeps, Happy Weekend!
I actually could keep going with this vest thing for another entire week. 
I have been going through different outfits during the week and I have three more in my head already..
ahhhh..what to do? what to do? life is really just too difficult.
Any-who, today I turned my vest (from day 1) into a dress, which I actually have not done before.
I can't really believe this since it makes one adorable little dress.
It's a little open on top so I wore an animal print bra for a little fun. 
The vest trend must be catching on cause this week I saw at least three other blogs with the word "vest" in their title..thieves, why does everyone have to copy me? 
It's really getting ridiculous.
I am actually a little vested out. 
After I wear the fore-mentioned outfits in my head I think I'll be taking a little vest hiatus.
Hey actors do it why can't I?
Now I must go drink some more caffeine and try to wake the f... up!
More vests tomorrow...
Have a great one guys!

some leg.....

Vest-Thrifted BB Dakota. Similar one with cool detail here.
Clutch- Tory Burch
Snake bracelet-Piperlime.Cool one here


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