Monday, June 25, 2012

There are a lot of reasons I love helping out at Blackbird Attic. 
I love having the creative freedom to style windows and mannequins to my liking.
Any chain store that you work for give you the outfits they want you put on the mannequins and there is no creativity involved, which is absolutely no fun. 
Unless of course you get your rocks off from pinning and steaming....not I. 
Another great perk is getting to see the best pieces that come into the store..ahem..this Madison Marcus top!
I had actually never heard of the designer before but then I went to shopbop and bam...there she was.
Some cool pieces here and here. 
Anyway I instantly fell in love with the shape of the neck and shoulders..great details get me every time. 

shirt-thrift Madison Marcus
bag-Pour la victoire
earrings-Banana Republic


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3 Responses to “Shape”

Unknown said...

that is a great blouse and you styled it fantastically! i think you have the perfect shape for the peplum. I want to wear a peplum blouse so badly but have no idea how to pull it off without looking fat!

unitedcolorsofaggie said...


Unknown said...

amazing top !!