By the river in a Peplum

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Saturday!
I knew my weekend was off to a great start when I received this shirt in the mail.
I know we all order online now for most of our stuff but the excitement of seeing it wrapped on your doorstep never gets old.
If you follow me on pinterest (which you should) you know I pinned this awhile back so it was extra exciting to finally get my hands on it. I know the peplum is getting a little played but I couldn't resist this sweet, bordering on too sweet which is why I added the cargo's. I originally tried it with a skirt but it was just too pretty. One thing I learned over the year with my blog is what my style really is. I automatically know when something is not about you guys?

On another note...One thing I have grown to appreciate is the beauty of where I live. 
I grew up here moved away and then returned. I manage to constantly stop and look around while I am driving and really appreciate the beauty here. Sometimes I think I wanna move to where the weather is a bit nicer year round and become a surfing beach bum, but since that is probably not a reality for me, I am pretty content where I am. 

my bun got messed up from the wind 
10 minutes after we got there. 

Cargos-Almost famous
girls shirt-Harajuku mini (gwen stefani for Target)


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2 Responses to “By the river in a Peplum”

silvia said...

love everythings! I'm a fan of cargo pants and with a peplum are fantastic

Lauren S. said...

Great outfit...every detail!