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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hello my friends. 
Things have been pretty bad over in these parts. 
I developed swimmers ear last Monday. 
That's right, Memorial Day, the first day this year in the water and bam..
Five days later and it's still with me. After three visits to the dr, for rechecks and pain killers....still no better. 
Well, a tad better, but still hurts like a mother..
Since I also developed this two years ago, and have had two ruptured eardrums, I am now what they call "prone" to getting this, so going forward, ear right?
So for the couple of hours that I felt better I ran out to get feel less pain when your drunk right? 
My thoughts exactly. 
Well I definitely did not get drunk but I did start feeling better last night, which hopefully will continue..although right now all I can hear in my left ear is a very pleasant ringing noise. 
So yes, I tried to have fun yesterday by playing dress up to run out to get wine..I am allowed some enjoyment through all this and if its playing dress up and getting drunk, so be it...don't judge!
Oh and I played the guilt card and made my mom stay with me 'till 11pm to watch Fashion Police...Thanks mom!
Don't you hate being alone when you don't feel good?
My son said "you have me mommy, you're not alone"...
Love that freakin' kid!

Skirt-thrifted Blackbird Attic
Heels-Kenneth Cole
Necklace-Banana Republic. Great Gold one here

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