Casually Feminine

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I had many things in mind when I picked up this skirt at H&M for $10. First, I tried it on with a leatherette top but it was too cold. Next, I tried a monochromatic look with an ivory sweater...not a good mix. Finally, I decided to go sporty chic with this diesel sweatshirt but I think there is a mint green top awaiting the warmer weather.

Skirt & Bag-H&M


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5 Responses to “Casually Feminine”

Unknown said...

You look gorgeous and I love that skirt. Can't believe you got it at such a good price. Gotta love H&M. You have really nice blog,

Following you now,

Elena said...

Adorable style!!!

Have a great weekend,
The Spotted Cherry Pie :)

Lauren S. said...

Great skirt!

Erin said...

YOu look super pretty! I love the bag and that skirt!


Erin @

Julie D. said...

Love this outfit! And I like the way your skirt bounces and flows in the wind.