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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I bought this shirt and boots at a recent shopping trip to Woodbury Commons. I always find such great stuff there, mainly at Saks Off 5th. I went with a couple of friends who claimed to need some retail therapy but ended up buying NOTHING. Don't you hate that? You go shopping and spend a good deal of money that you already feel guilty about but then on top of it the people you are with don't get anything and it just makes you feel even more guilty. You find yourself saying over and over again "buy something!" and you don't wanna leave until they actually do...sound like there are some issues there? Yeah you're probably right. 

Shirt-Calvin Klein
Skirt-Express. Similar one HERE 
Great yellow spring jacket HERE
Bag & Cuff-Tory Burch
Boots-Nine West. Similar ones HERE


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6 Responses to “Print & Texture”

Donna said...

Sounds like your friend does have issues!!!! I'm guessing she wanted some shoes and didn't find any in her size. She'll have to go back or buy something she sees on your blog! And, don't ever feel guilty about feeling lucky enough to find good deals!!!!!!!!!

Katya said...

nice bag ♥

Cara said...

That happens to me with group shopping trips all the time, that's why I prefer to shop alone :) Love your shirt and that buttery yellow coat!

Lauren S. said...

You look amazing!

Silvia Negretti said...

Lovely coat!
Very nice color com├Čbination!

Catherine, Not Dressed As Lamb said...

I love the texture and colour of the coat, Sheree! And I know exactly what you mean about feeling guilty if your shopping buddy doesn't get anything (but I strangely don't like being the only one having a cup of tea, I think it's the same kind of thing...?!!)

Catherine x