Why being thrifty is cool.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How cool is this jacket and clutch? So cool right? Well they are both from consignment shops, hence the title. 
I found this Wyeth by Todd Magill jacket at, yes, Blackbird Attic. I don't think he designs anymore because the last of his collections that I could find was from 2006. Too bad because I would love to see what else he could do. This snakeskin clutch is from another local consignment shop, I think it was all of $13! Oh yeah and this cool butterfly belt, Blackbird Attic as well. Pair them with my higher end J. Brand jeans and whala..a perfect blend of splurge and steal. 

Jacket, belt & clutch-thrifted. Jeans-J Brand. Boots-Big Buddah, 


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7 Responses to “Why being thrifty is cool.”

Donna said...

Looking forward to going to Blackbird Attic this weekend! Hoping to find something as cool as this stuff :o)

Anonymous said...

I love the jacket!! Very chic! You are a very cool mom and I like that! :)

Sheree said...

I know Donna..hope you find something fun..can't wait!

dreaming en francais said...

LOVE the clutch, what a great find! xo


Corinna S. said...

Fabulous jacket , clutch and belt! And I LOVE your hair, too!

LV said...

Wow! What a score! That jacket and clutch is amazing!

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