Sunday, January 1, 2012

I always think it is necessary to have goals for yourself and what better time than the start of a new year to establish or re-establish those goals. My goals for 2012 ARE:

 1. Continue personal growth through therapy
a. be less judgmental
b. realize I am not always right
c. have more respect for others

2.  Get my house more organized
a. follow daily cleaning list
b. put things back in their place immediately

3. Continue to better my Marriage
a.  have weekly date nights
b. establish more goals in therapy. 

4. Continue eating healthy and continue with supplements
a. make more vegetarian meals. 

5. Continue with exercise routine
a. weight train and cardio 3-4 days/week

6. Do not over-spend
a. establish monthly spending budget

7. Take my licencing exam for my LMSW. 
a. sign up for test by  June 2012

wheww...I think that is enough. As you can see this is very detailed, but if you really want to make a real commitment to your goals, it is important to have a specific plan of action..and this is mine! Are you ready for a  real commitment..try a real plan like this one and GOOD LUCK!

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