Very Useful {Norwalk}

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I have worn this blazer twice in the past week. When I put it on today over my tee I realized just how much use I am going to be getting out of this piece and for $40 I think it was well worth it. 
We went to Norwalk today, it was gorgeous out, a perfect day to visit the aquarium and walk around. Norwalk is absolutely adorable and if you ever find yourself visiting you must go to Burger Bar and Bistro..AMAZING!

Blazer-Asos. Tee-Marshalls. Jeans-Almost famous (like these). Shoes-Seychilles. Bag-The Sak. Neon bra-Target. Necklace-local designer. 


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9 Responses to “Very Useful {Norwalk}”

Denise said...

The Yankees and 80's colors! Love!

Rebecca said...

What gorgeous colors! I am in love with your blazer. You have fabulous style.

See Me Rwar

Taylor Morgan said...

Adorable pics! Very fun, colorful, and cute!

Corinna S. said...

Never would have put those pieces together, but it WORKS!

Frank Vinyl said...

i love this combination! so fresh and unique

Dress Me Dearly said...

the bright pink bag is amaaaazing!

Anonymous said...

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