Dock at Sunset

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nothing compares to photos at time of day hands down. A little warmer today which was nice not that I got to enjoy it much. Ran to the pediatrician first thing this morning after getting virtually no sleep with my daughter coughing ALL night long. After the Dr. and finding out both kids need to be on an inhaler and steroids and antibiotics (ouch)..ran to the pharmacy to get all that crap which by the way was a ridiculous feat getting my daughter to actually take all that tonight..and then down for a nap..all of us. Then up feeling sick,which inspired me to make homemade chicken soup which came out yummy...and then kids to bed and here we are. Not the best day and just hoping I don't get up in the morning feeling worse..oh yeah and that I get some sleep tonight..that would be nice huh? Greys Anatomy and Private Practice return tonight..can't wait!

Sweater-vintage. Tank-Diesel. Silk jacket & Clutch-Urban Outfitters. Jeans-AB Jeans. Shoes-BCBG


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