New Years Resolution to Keep!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

So a lot of us say we are going to try to be healthier in the new year, eat right, exercise more, so on and so on. We also know that "green" drinks are all the rage because they provide an extra serving or two of veggies per day..which we all could use. I have found this smoothie to be a delicious mix of all your daily nutritional supplements (paleocleanse) as well as a boost of fiber, protein, greens and omega 3 (Vega). The Paleocleanse is a detox as well. The Paleocleanse was recommended to me by my naturopathic doctor and the Vega I found at the health food store. I blend them both together in the morning along with berries, banana, water and ice and it is REALLY good.. seriously even my 4 year old likes it. You can buy the PaleoCleanse here and if you have any questions you can of course e-mail me. It is an easy way to do something positive for yourself this coming year.

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One Response to “New Years Resolution to Keep!”

Lila said...

That smoothie infusion looks convenient.