Wednesday, November 2, 2011

F21 Vest. H&M pants. Paris Hilton boots. Vintage clutch.

So everything I am wearing is faux. Faux fur, faux leather..I am so politically correct right? Wrong, well maybe about the fur, but the reality is that real leather pants are too expensive and I can't find real leather boots that actually fit my skinny calves. Every year I get so frustrated trying to find boots that fit and every year I come up short. I bought these Sam Edelman boots that I loved and all the reviews said that they fit skinny calves. One review even said "I finally found boots that fit my freakishly skinny calves" so of course I was super excited...until they arrived and I tried them on only to find out that they were too wide...aughhhhh! I have skinny calves but in no way are they freakishly skinny! So anyway it is back to pull on faux leather once again. Please if anyone knows of a skinny calf boot brand let me know. Me and my husband want to start "The Bird Leg Boot Company" cute right? but until then suggestions are greatly appreciated!


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Catherine, Not Dressed As Lamb said...

Have you tried a UK company called Duo Boots (they ship for free internationally) - I've bought from them before, I'd highly recommend them! They make extra small and extra wide calf fittings so you choose the shoe size and exact calf width. The smallest calf size is 30cm (12") - I saw that the boots you bought were 13" so maybe these would fit...? I have the opposite problem with my wider calves!
They have a style almost identical to the ones you're wearing, their web is: http://www.duoboots.com/
Hope that helps...!

Love your furry vest btw, and the boots are pretty awesome despite you saying they're too big!

Catherine x

Christie Ressel said...

Adore your outfit! The vest and pants are amazing. :)

Fashion Translated

Clara Turbay said...

Great post.REally lile.

i hope you can check out mine!


Lauren S. said...

You are AMAZING! You look fantastic!