Coffee Break

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Shirt:TJMaxx. Shorts:H&M DIY. Scarf: J.Crew Knee socks: Urban Outfitters. Boots:Target. Nails:Caught with my Khaki's down (Sephora)

I am so into layering right now that even with the GORGEOUS weather I had to add the infinity scarf for a lil' su'em su'em (did not know how to spell this but you get picture).
I called my sister before putting on this outfit to ask her if she thought I was too old to be wearing over the knee socks and she proceeded to ask me a zillion questions about how I was wearing them and what they looked like which lead to her being no help at all (thanks anyway..xoxo). After seeing these pics I believe I made the right decision..I am likin' it if I do say so myself. What age do you think is too old for these socks???
Have you all been researching the shoes in the last post..I hope so I am not forgetting about these. I will give a reward for whoever finds them for me....a great big cyber hug!


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3 Responses to “Coffee Break”

Taylor said...

I think you look great! As long as you can rock it no age is too old. Just be mindful of the occasion.

Good luck with finding those dream shoes.


what a great top! xo

.sabo skirt. said...

You look gorgeous with your outfit. And you don't look to old for it.
We love your shirt. It creates a nice touch to your look.

Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!