You're Cut Off!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

(Shirt, Necklace and Cut-offs-Banana Republic, Shoes-Steve Madden)

I was definitely inspired (see below) to cut-off a pair of my black pants. I have been seeing this look a lot lately and although I wish my pants were tighter, I am still diggin' the look so these will do for now. I am not really into "Bermudas" but Elin (first pic) was still the kick off to my inspiration. I definitely prefer the second look (the petticoat) better. It was after seeing that photo that I went into my closet, pulled out a pair of black pants that I hardly wear, and started cutting!


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5 Responses to “You're Cut Off!”

Bad Joan said...

Ha! Clever title! Love your cut offs!


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Katya said...

nice top

Jenny Ong said...

Great necklace! My leopard cuff is from Forever 21 xx


Thank you so much!!!!
You look great!