Skirt too big? No problem...

Monday, August 29, 2011

(Skirt worn as dress& Ring-Banana Republic, Scarf-MNG for Mango, Shoes& Bag-thrifted)

I have had this skirt for awhile now and have not worn it in years. Not only is it too big but I also cannot stand the length, it is mid-calf and despite the trend I hate it! So I thought about having my mother take it in and make it a high waisted skirt and then I pulled it up even further and discovered it makes one cute dress. Even the wide waist band makes wearing it like this actually looks just like a dress and most importantly I love this length! Only one problem..when it falls down (like it did at the grocery store today) it is hard to pull up since it is not elastic. The girls were hangin' out for more then a peep show at the local market.
The scarf is another piece I have improvised with, I wore it as a skirt (here). Love creating new ways of wearing makes you never want to get rid of anything!


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12 Responses to “Skirt too big? No problem...”

Henar said...

This is very nice, I like it !


beneath the glass said...

i wouldn't have even known it was a skirt. i do the same thing, and yeah, i've flashed a few also when my skirt/top fell down, lol. i love the scarf too, makes a bright pop of color. i love remaking things into something else to wear :)

Beneath the Glass

Gorgeous Clara said...

I remember in my teenage years I used to do that a lot...

love the result!

Katya said...

thats a cute outfit..i love your scarf ..where do you live?♥

Viv said...

adorable dress, love the color/print of the scarf mixed with it!


so cute! xo

Anonymous said...

lovely dress hun!


paanie said...

it really looks great as a skirt . . . what a perfect idea!

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