It's How Much???

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

(Skirt & Shades-F21, Blazer-H&M, Shoes-thrifted Blackbird Attic, Bag-Florence Italy, Necklace-Banana Republic)

I was so excited to have found this skirt. I was even more excited when I brought it up to the register and found out it it was $4.60. When I found out I actually blurted out "Shut up!" to the cashier. I say that all the time, most people get it but there are some tight a.... out there that are like "excuse me?" like I am really telling you to literally shut up... come on. Anyway pairing it with this jacket was a mistake. It was so hot today that even just wearing a bra top underneath was too much..I guess summer is hangin' around which is alright by me!


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